The 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IIOT) came to a successful end with Hanwei returning with great honors


On November 17, the 18th International Internet of Things Expo Shenzhen ended successfully at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao ‘an).

Hanwei Electronics Group, as a well-known domestic manufacturer of gas sensors and instruments and supplier of Internet of Things solutions, joined hands with a number of subsidiaries to make a major appearance at the exhibition, which received wide attention.

In this exhibition, Hanwei brought a series of sensor products and IOT solutions related to the urban lifeline monitoring and warning platform. Among them, the sensor products of subsidiary Weisheng Technology, such as alcohol detection, air quality, home safety, industrial safety and human body sensor, were presented at the exhibition in the form of solutions and were recognized by many participants. At the same time, the limited space, smart gas, smart security, smart water, smart municipal, smart fire and other Internet of Things solutions of many subsidiaries of Hanwei have also attracted much attention. Each Internet of Things solution is equipped with its own large display screen, and practitioners stop to watch and communicate closely with the on-site staff.

During the exhibition, Hanwei Electronics Group won the Gold Award and Excellent Product Award of the 18th Innovative Products “IOTE” in 2022, and its subsidiary Winsen Electronics Technology won the Star Award of the 2021 IOT Star Annual Selection, winning three honors at one time. This is the recognition of the industry to Hanwei, but also Hanwei adhere to innovation driven, continuously along the industrial chain to the downstream of the result. Hanwei Electronics Group has become a well-known domestic manufacturer of gas sensors and instrumentation, Internet of Things solutions supplier, has a large number of successful application cases, accumulated rich industry experience.

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