Introduction to the Institute

The Hanwei Technology Group advocates innovation and research and development, and has built a global R & D and innovation system including the Hanwei Research Institute as its core, covering the domestic R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and the United States, Germany, and Singapore. , Geographical information, cloud computing, big data, mobile internet and other Internet technologies, all aspects of water, gas, solid waste purification treatment technology, energy -saving technology and other comprehensive innovation, and in smart cities, security protection, measurement control, environmental protection, home health and comfort Carry out application model innovation in the field to provide customers with safe, reliable, economical and convenient products and services.

Scientific Research Field

Semiconductor -based gas sensor, catalytic combustion principle gas sensor, electrochemical principle gas sensor, NDIR gas sensor, laser principle gas sensor, MEMS -based gas sensor, pressure, flow, temperature, optoelectronic sensor, industrial online gas detection instrument and home use Gas alarm, commercial gas detector, alcohol content detector, personal protective gas detection instrument, gas analysis instrument, mining safety instrument instrument, industrial process measurement control instrument, geographic information technology (GIS) research and development, application Data collection and monitoring systems, environmental protection, monitoring, governance, engineering, service overall solutions, intelligent instrumental instrument system integration and industry IoT applications, and Internet of Things cloud platforms in the business field.

Scientific Research

  • 671items

    The total number of patents

  • 108items


  • 668items

    Software copyright

  • 103items


  • 42items

    Product appraisal of scientific and technological achievements

As of December 31, 2021, the total number of patents in Hanwei (including 108 invention patents), 668 software copyrights, and 103 trademarks. The product has identified 42 items through scientific and technological achievements, of which 17 reached the international advanced level and 25 items reached the domestic advanced level. It is the National Industrial Process Measurement and Control Standardization Technical Committee Analysis Instrument Sub -Technical Committee (SAC/TC124/SC6) and the National Industrial Process Measurement and Control Standardization Technical Committee Control Instrument and Device Industrial Control Computer System Sub -Technical Committee (SAC/TC124/SC2) Member unit. The company also actively participated in the formulation of national, industry and enterprise standards, and has participated in the formulation of 28 national standards for gas and fire protection. It is a member of the National Sensors Network Working Group of the National Explosive Technology Committee of Explosion Electric Electric Equipment and the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee.

Exchange and cooperation

Over the years, the technology center has always adhered to the concept of cooperation with unity and cooperation, common development, and integrity, and vigorously promoted the development of production, university -research and research work. Their model has successfully achieved the initial short -term and single technology transfer type to cooperative development, talent training, common to common talent training, common to talent training, and common. Construction of various cooperation models such as research and development of entities co -transformed. The industry -university -research cooperation mechanism with “complementary advantages and mutual benefit” has promoted the rapid improvement of the company’s scientific and technological level, and also promoted the industrialization process of the scientific and technological achievements of domestic scientific research institutes and colleges and universities. Essence

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