Multi Gas Detector for Coal Mines


Mine operation is different from the ground working environment, and it will face the dangers of gas explosion, hydrogen sulfide poisoning, harmful gas poisoning, and lack of oxygen. Therefore, underground operations must be equipped with harmful gas detectors. Gas is a colorless and odorless gas, but sometimes you can smell an apple-like scent. This is due to the fact that aromatic hydrocarbon gas and gas gush out at the same time. Gas is insoluble in water, does not support combustion and cannot maintain breathing. When it reaches a certain concentration, it can suffocate people due to lack of oxygen, and can burn or explode.

The use of harmful gas detectors guarantees the safety of workers in the mine.

It is recommended to use the ABH840 ,ABH811 gas detector for coal mine gas detectors. The large LCD liquid crystal display can clearly read the gas concentration, type, peak value and high and low concentration alarm levels, and the data is accurate , Alarm sensitive. If the current high and low concentration values of the gas exceed the preset limit values, the instrument will use sound and light alarms to warn that the toxic gas exceeds the limit, thereby ensuring the safety of the operators.

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