How to choose your desired alcohol checker?


More and more people are interested in alcohol checker devices recently. And there are plenty of different personal use alcohol checkers in front of the customers. The market be filled with different designs and different prices alcohol checkers. Thus, many of us do not know how to choose the suitable one. This article will try to share several skills to help you to find your alcohol checker.

1.We need to know the sensor technology about the alcohol checker. There are two main sensor technologies in personal use alcohol checker—semiconductor and fuel cell. Semiconductor alcohol checker has feature of economic price and stable performance, and fuel cell alcohol checker’s accuracy is better, plus its response time is very short, 3-10s is normal time.

2.Alcohol checker also have non-contact type and with mouthpiece type. If you prefer the contact-free blowing, then try non-contact type, fast but less accurate. If you have strict requirements about the testing result, then with mouthpiece type is more suitable.

3.With plenty of alcohol checker brands in the market, we suggest to find a more reliable brand. Stay safe, for a better life.

Thanks for watching my article, any interested in alcohol checker, please stay tuned to my other articles.

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